Remote IT Support
Our Coronavirus Response

We are committed to supporting you through the COVID-19 disruption and lockdown period.

COVID-19 remote support

How we are helping during the COVID-19 outbreak?

What we are experiencing is a disruptive event. However, technology has always been classified as being disruptive, innovative, and directly benefits its users. With stores closed and social distancing means more online activities and consumers would be looking for solutions and answers online. We understand how small businesses are feeling in these uncertain times, and we’re here to help. Ravensdale IT is offering free virtual consultation for businesses that are looking for an actionable plan in light of this outbreak or a free quick fix on existing websites and remote IT support.

We are in this Conavirus crisis and Lock-down together

We have taken measures to ensure the safety of our team and clients during this COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Our Team

We want to assure that the safety and well being of our team is of top priority. We have moved to remote work and are following all public health guidelines as set by the government and the National Health Department.

COVID-19 coronavirus remote working
COVID-19 coronavirus remote working

Our Clients

Our clients are an important part of our online community and are committed to supporting them at all times. Our sales and support team is available during the regular business hours and after hours to support via phone, emails and video conferencing. We have our business continuity plan in place.

With COVID-19 corona virus spreading across the world, there is a significant change in consumers purchasing behaviours Ecommerce is a desirable option to in-store shopping during this atypical time. It will be easier for people under quarantine and isolation to order essential goods and services. We understand the economic impact of COVID19 and our team of experts is here to help your business by providing uninterrupted support and service.