Google aims to find out if showing only a domain name in the address bar will help Chrome users spot scams

Google Chrome
Image Source: ZDNet

Google will subject Chrome users to a large-scale test in the next version of its browser to discover how people respond to just seeing a site’s domain name without the full URL for pages on that site.

The test will be carried out on Chrome 86, which is due for a stable release at the end of this month.

Chrome 86 is already known to include a feature that detects and unloads heavy ads and throttles JavaScript timers used on websites to deliver better battery life for end-user devices.

Google’s new experiment will involve some “randomly assigned” users of Chrome 86. These users will have two choices when the full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is concealed. Those in the experiment would, for example, only see rather than the full address of the specific Wikipedia page.

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