Installing Ubuntu Linux

Installing Ubuntu Linux

Installing Ubuntu Linux is easier than you think. You can install Linux if you can install an app. This is how.

Is your dissatisfaction with the Windows operating system at an all-time high? You’ve probably had to deal with random reboots to upgrade, failed upgrades, unsupported hardware, crashes, and a general lack of flexibility and dependability.

If this describes your Windows experience, I’d like to introduce you to something better, more dependable, and free. Linux is that something, and it’s been my operating system of choice since 1997. Back in the day, Linux was a significant challenge to use and even more difficult to install.

That was back then, and this is now. Modern Linux, with a few minor exceptions (such as Gentoo and Arch), has become incredibly simple to use and even install.

I understand… “I can’t install an operating system!” you exclaim. On the contrary, my friend. You can install Linux if you can install an application.

Do you not believe me? Let me demonstrate using Ubuntu Desktop 22.04. I’ll be demonstrating with this iteration’s beta release, but the installation will be the same when the full release is available.

A word of caution: Make sure you install Ubuntu on a machine that can be spared. Save any important data from that system to an external drive, because whatever operating system and user account were previously on the machine will be lost once Ubuntu is installed.

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