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7 Common eCommerce Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

According to studies, 90% of eCommerce businesses fail within 120 days of their launch. While an eCommerce store is a lucrative opportunity, you can often underestimate the risks from the initial stages. Here are the 7 common mistakes

Website design for real estate agents

Website design for real estate agents and property developers   Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash   Digitalization and technological advancement has transformed each industry over the planet. Property development and the real estate

eCommerce website design

eCommerce website design services   When a prospective client visits your site for the first time, it must have a lasting impression. This is the reason, your eCommerce web design needs to be user-friendly and clean that encourages

Website Design for restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Image by rawpixel.com New Restaurant Website Design Ravensdale Digital offers restaurants & hotels beautiful, mobile-friendly websites that drive revenue and customers. We have been building the product for the hospitality industry in our Port

Travel Agency Custom Website Design

Travel Agency Website Design Port Elizabeth If you require a custom website design for your travel agency, we have you covered at Ravensdale Digital for all your needs. Whether you need a new website or redesign your existing

5 Advantages of SEO in Port Elizabeth

  5 Advantages of SEO in Port Elizabeth Here are 5 key advantages of SEO in Port Elizabeth that you could be missing out on. What does SEO mean or Do? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the