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What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) sees an attacker flooding the network or servers of the victim with a wave of internet traffic so big that their infrastructure is overwhelmed by the number of access requests, slowing down

How to disable Facebook location tracking

If your privacy is more important than Facebook knowing exactly where you are at all times, you might want to disable location tracking.   How to disable Facebook location tracking Disabling location tracking in

What Is Web Creation

What is Web Creation? The process of "web design" simply comes down to designing a site that looks great for most of the general public and many of our new customers, and then uploading it to the Internet.

Cheap Bed and breakfast website

Find out how to build a cheap bed and breakfast website Bed and breakfast website design and development using WordPress

Google aims to find out if showing only a domain name in the address bar will help Chrome users spot scams

Image Source: ZDNet Google will subject Chrome users to a large-scale test in the next version of its browser to discover how people respond to just seeing a site's domain name without the full

How tech is trying to help tackle COVID-19

As the world confronts the health crisis of a generation in the form of the fast-spreading COVID-19 coronavirus, technology companies still remain firmly in the spotlight – but this time, not because of privacy scandals, digital tax wars, or dodgy positions on